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Andes Cruz Designs & Geek Designs
Hand building quality, unique, silver jewellery and accessories with over 20 years experience & training.
I prefer the unique & extraordinary.Located in the Kootenay region of BC,  Canada

What is this store’s return and exchange policy?
If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me. I will do my best to work out a win-win solution for both of us.

All purchases are Final.
Should there be an issue, it will be EXCHANGE only- in the case of a defect in workmanship.

Should an exchange be necessary (due to my error) , I will cover the cost. However, to do so, I will need you to ship it to me, and I will refund the $ via payment method.

***Please be sure to Ship the item back insured. If it doesn’t arrive in my hands… I can not refund it or exchange it. The only way to ensure a Seamless Exchange, it to return ship with tracking and insurance.

*** Exchange is upon approval of the artist; within 4 days of your receiving the item. We must discuss it and come to an agreement.

I’m not sure about this item I want to purchase.
If you have questions sizing, metals, fit, dimensions, anything – PLEASE contact me. I am happy to answer all questions, and send additional photos of the item, and model it, etc, should you like, so you can decide if this item is right for you, etc.

If for some reason you encounter problems with your jewellery, or it has undergone an accident and needs repair; please contact me to discuss details. Depending on the issues, the cost may be covered by myself (If I deem it an issue with craftsmanship)- the artist, split, or your responsibility.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?
If you do not see your country in the shipping options – let me know, I’ll be happy to add it. Be advised to expect similar prices as to “everywhere else”.

Copyright Info:
This website and its content in it’s entirety are Copyright © 1994-2022 of Andes Cruz Designs.All Rights Reserved Worldwide.You may not publish Anything without the consent of Andes Cruz Designs.Any redistribution or reproduction of the contents in any form is prohibited, except with my express written consent. Use is granted then, and only with acknowledgement to the website, and Copyrights ©, and as the source of the material.Obtain Permission Before Use.In all cases the Copyright © notice/disclaimer must remain intact.Nor may you distribute, commercially exploit the content, sell, transmit, or store it on any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

How long will it take to receive my order once shipped?
Within Canada should be under/approximately a week.To the USA is up to 3 weeks.Elsewhere can expect 2 – 4 weeks.
(none of these factor in time spent in your countries Customs – that is not predicable. )

*Holiday shipping is generally somewhat longer. For guaranteed Arrival dates- please contact me for what Canada Post provides as a guideline for your country.

Do You take Custom Orders?
Yes….. But I’ve been recovering from a hand injury, so it’s not a guarantee I can or will accept. It also depends on whether it’s a suitable project – match up of what you want with my styles &skill set. I may be able to recommend other artists, if i don’t think it’s best for me.

Custom orders are Final sales.

100% payment is required up front, before the project will start – and is non-refundable.

The buyer will be given a time line for completion upon agreement of the project. (usually 2-4 weeks)

Please understand, custom orders are new creations, and will never be exactly like something before. Furthermore, my interpretation of your ideas may be different than you expect. I will do my very best to create a piece we are both happy with, and with our combined vision. As noted, custom orders are a final sale- and I will do my best to create an item you are very happy with.

Also note from time to time the price of a custom piece may be higher than quoted, but you will be asked for approval for a higher price, if more work is agreed to be undertaken.

Shipping Information
All goods are shipped insured. No exceptions.

Shipping to countries outside of Canada, USA – are available, please contact me, and I will set up a shipping profile with the prices for your country.

I do my best to keep the pricing as close as possible to actual costs for you, and am happy to do my best to get it to you as cheaply, and securely as possible.

Insurance and tracking are for your safety, (and for mine.) Then, we’re both covered in case something happens. It can, and does from time to time.

If you prefer another method of shipping, please contact me for pricing, I am happy to accommodate. (like UPS, or FedEX, etc)

Shipping to countries other than Canada will be subject to incoming Customs and Taxes. These are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If you are unsure, please check with your own postal system for the items’ value and customs rate for the item type to check the customs amount you can expect to be charged. No refunds on refused packages.

Please be sure you have supplied me with the correct shipping address. Items are usually shipped within 24 – 48 hours. Once, shipped, they cannot be re-routed. At this point if there has been an error, it is your sole responsibility to sort out the aftermath. If Your package is returned to me, you will not be reimbursed, There will be new shipping charges. Items that have been shipped and returned under no circumstances will be refunded because of a wrong address error.

What if something is wrong with my order?
If you have a problem with an order, please contact me to work it out. I am happy to help you and do whatever we can to resolve any issues.

Ring sizers when you’re in a bind:
I have available small ziptie style finger sizers. (Which may or may not be listed in my shops, so please ask.) These do an adequate job, but they are not perfect. They are most suitable for thin ring band sizing, as they are quite narrow. The flexibility of the plastic also lends to the slight inaccuracies.

Ring sizing on the fly:
If you find yourself with no ability to have you finger sized or your rings sized, this chart will give you a reasonably accurate way to figure it out. Though, having said that, I take no responsibility for sizing chosen this way – it does not replace a good sizer, found in any jewellery shop, and probably anywhere that sells rings of any kind. The thing with this is accuracy. If you print this chart, follow the printing instructions, as the sizing depends on it printing properly. Having said that, any ring can be translated if you send me the inner ring diameter, measured in millimeters, as accurately as possible, like show on the top portion of the sheet, but using a ruler

Sizing of Wide band Rings (choosing):
A wide band ( and the wider the more so) will “feel” smaller/tighter than a ring of the same size in a thin band. Most people choose to increase their usual ring size a half a ring size when purchasing a ring above 5mm width. For a much wider band, such as 10mm, or 12mm, you may even choose to go up .75 or a full ring size. THESE ARE RECOMMENDATIONS, AND RULES OF THUMB. Every person is different. In no way do this substitute trying on rings of similar widths, or using a WIDE band ring sizer. Though trying on a similar width ring is best.

Ring size conversions : use standard “USA sizing”

Caring for your Enamel:
Enamel is a glass fused to metal. In most cases- this will be copper or sterling silver. Although it is strong, it IS still glass. Please treat your enamel jewellery with care. It can get chips, cracks and may break if worn roughly. This is especially true with the enamel rings. Be kind. Wearing while building a deck, using steel tools, gardening, moving, extreme sports, etc., is not considered “Being Kind” to your rings. All enamel is susceptible to damage. That said it isn’t fragile like an eggshell. Don’t be afraid to wear it, just be kind. 🙂

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